Tasty cuisine and family recipes

Each dish tells the story of Rome and the tradition of our family, which we carry forward with pride and sacrifice.

Traditional dishes, meat, fish and pizza

The Taverna Pretoriana offers you a menu full of typical local dishes, simple and full of flavor, accompanied by a good wine, all served with the smile of our staff.

Classic appetizers with meats, cheeses and bruschetta but also seafood appetizers; First courses typically Roman, carbonara, amatriciana, cheese and pepper, soups and vegetable soups, gnocchi with homemade ragu, stuffed pasta and fish dishes; Second courses ranging from grilled meat to fish, via tripe, saltimbocca and filet; Thin and fragrant pizza, wide choice of tastes, both white and red, croutons and trousers. Numerous side dishes, with attention to the seasonality of the products, cheeses, fried, sweets and ice cream; Every day you can find "something more" that you do not find in the menu, some examples? Homemade gnocchi, dishes created with special seasonal products ... ask your trusted waiter and you will not be disappointed.

You just have to try, we are waiting for you.